5 Items From Home That Can Make the Boarding Kennel More Comfortable for Your Dog

22 September 2017
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If your dog is going to a pet facility overnight, he may feel nervous about the experience. Bringing a few items from home can help your dog to feel a bit more comfortable. Wondering what items you should pack? Take a look at this list.

1. Food

Have you ever felt nervous about something and gotten a pain in your stomach? For most humans, that's a relatively common experience, and basically, the same thing can happen to your dog.

To prevent your dog from unnecessary tummy upsets, it helps to bring the food that he's used to. Many pet boarding facilities are open to this practice, and some even encourage it.

2. Water

If your dog has a very sensitive stomach, you may also want to bring water from home. Fill up large jugs with the tap water that you normally give to your dog and ask the facility if they will dispense it to him.

3. Blanket

Smelling familiar odours and feeling the coziness of home can also help to make the time at the pet boarding facility easier for your dog. So that's possible, you may want to bring a blanket for your dog. Ask the staff at the facility to lay the blanket in the bottom of the kennel.

If your dog doesn't have a usual blanket, you may want to bring his doggy bed. If your dog sleeps with you, you may even want to bring a pillow from your bed. Note that this pillow may get lost so you should only do this if you're willing to potentially lose the pillow.  

4. Toys

Favourite toys can also help your dog to feel calm at the boarding facility. Don't buy new toys. Instead, bring the toys that your dog is used to and that smell like home.

If you don't want to lose any of your dog's favourite toys, consider buying a couple of toys a few weeks before your dog goes to the boarding facility. Then, get your dog attached to those toys and bring them to the boarding kennel.

5. Other Dogs

If you have two dogs, bring them both to the same kennel and ask if they can bunk together while you are gone. Having a buddy can really make the experience easier. Only do this with dogs who live together.

To get more ideas or to book your dog a spot, contact a boarding kennel near you.